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My first Upper Chesapeake Angler log happens to be a trip with my good fishing buddy, Paul.  Get used to hearing his name around this blog. Over the past few years we have become good friends who fish together often. I consider Paul to be one of the better light tackle jig fishermen on the Chesapeake Bay and have learned a lot from him over the past few years. Anyway, we left Middle River on Friday afternoon (9-10-2010) with predicted SE winds to 20kts.  We ran  through the cut and took note of a strong outgoing current and flat calm seas. NICE!

We started heading east and stopped to take took a look through the binoculars. I noticed some bird action to the North so we bombed it to the birds and found small blues and rock chasing silverside minnows in 15ft of water.

The water temperature today was 75 degrees which was a drop in temperature of 6 degrees since last week.  Another 5-6 degree drop in temperature will really help get things going in the upper bay.

After catching a few small fish we decided to head to the Chester river in hopes of some bigger fish. When we arrived at our spot, we already had a ripping INCOMING current. Its amazing how you can cross the bay and have a completely different tide cycle. Anyway, after catching more small fish on topwater and metal jigs we decided to head to the bay bridge to try our luck. Upon arrival we noticed our good friend Shawn Kimbro of www.chesapeakelightackle.com trying his luck at the sewer pipe. He said things were on the slow side and he was right. We only managed a few more small  fish at the bridge so we packed it in and headed for the barn. Shawn managed a nice 34”er that night which is a very nice fish any time of year.  We probably covered  40 miles of water and only had small fish to show this night. We had to try knowing bigger fish should be chasing bait soon.


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  1. Andrea says:

    Great posts! i love reading your reports :-)

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