Let It Rain!

If there’s one thing I like seeing in a spring forecast, it’s RAIN. For me rain means two things:

  1. I’m not going to work!
  2. I’m going fishing!

Although there are stripers biting in the normal river areas, the bite is not in full swing yet. We caught one striper Monday evening using crankbaits but unless you want to soak cut bait give it another week.


Although the striper bite on lures in the upper bay hasn’t reached full swing, largemouth bass are feeding. Today, we launched in rainy conditions from Lapidum into a rough water and headed down river. My buddy Matt just installed a new Minnkota Talon on his bass boat and we sure gave it a workout today. The new unit gave us the ability fish strong currents and hold tight to structure where bass are feeding. The water is still stained so bright colored baits seemed to work better than natural colors today. We caught lots of average sized bass but this one tipped the scales at almost 7 pounds!

We also caught this unique looking bass with ugly black spots all over. I thought it was picture worthy… 


The bite will only continue to get better so lets pray for more rain!

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