Four Seasons

Saturday was my first time fishing with Captain Walleye Pete of Four Seasons Guide Service. Simply put, Pete lives the dream! I know he works extremely hard and says he’s tired after every trip, but how many people get to do what they truly love FOR A LIVING? His office is a brand new 27′ Judge Chesapeake outfitted with the latest Lowrance HDS technology, XM radio, wireless internet via laptop computer, heat, etc… Pete sure has a nice setup. Oh yea, he knows how to put his clients on fish too…

We left Flag Harbor around 6:30am due south and started fishing immediately after a 2 mile run. The first drift produced a very nice fish over 40 inches using one of my custom 1.5oz jigheads and a 10” purple glitter BKD.

We probably caught between 60-70 fish today, which is great for February using light tackle. We each landed a fish over 40 inches and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to fish with Pete for my first time.

My site is still in the works and my plan is to eventually incorporate a lure and tackle section but for now I’ll tell you I was using one of my favorite setups:

Rod – 6’6” Medium Action Carrot Stix
Reel – Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier
Line – 15lb Power Pro

Leader – 30lb Yozuri Hybrid


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  1. Tim says:

    Nice report dude!

  2. Tom says:

    Nice Fish!

  3. Tom says:

    How u like the Hybrid leader? Picked a spool up earlier to try this year.. Seaguar spools getting expensive

    1. Dave says:


      The Hybrid seems to be fairly stiff but the price is right and it seems to be strong. I really like Bass Pro Shops XPS Fluoro but they only make it to 25lb as far as I know. I use 30lb Hybrid when I know big fish are around and 20 or 25lb XPS Fluoro for summer fish.

  4. Tom says:

    I saw they make a “ultra soft” version of the Hybrid as well but only up to 20lb. Might see if the XPS is on sale this week and give it a chance

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