Light Tackle Beasts!

I can’t complain, fishing has been good for me and my fishing buddies this winter. When Jamie invited me to fish with him and Dennis this afternoon aboard his beautiful 23′ Parker SE, I was ecstatic. We launched out of Taylors Island Campground and fished the mid-bay area from about noon until dark. We had overcast skies and roughly 40 degree water temperatures, the perfect combination for winter fishing.

When we arrived at the fishing grounds there were 5 boats on scene. Slowly, boats would leave and as each boat left the fishing got better and better. 1.5 oz jig heads with 10” BKD’s out fished anything else. I must admit, Jamie and Dennis know how to put on a fishing clinic and made me look bad for the first few hours. I managed to save face and found my groove towards the end of the day. Jamie and Dennis fish HARD and show no mercy to those who can’t keep up! We ended the day with many fish over 40 inches and several over 45. It was a great day on the bay. It looks like I’ll be getting out again this weekend so look for another report early next week.

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