Susky Yellow Perch Down Under – Video


I hit the susky yesterday with my buddy Matt. We were  in hopes of catching some perch and maybe even a couple bass. We worked hard all morning targeting largemouth and smallies but never got bit. Ended up rigging for perch with natural color baits on 1/8 oz jigs in shallow water. We had the usual non-stop Susky perch action. It was obvious the fish were relating to a pocket of shallow boulders but we decided to dust off the old Aquaview to get a closer look anyway. The water was slightly stained but still good enough to make out the fish. You will see in the videos that bass are hanging amongst the schools of perch but we still couldn’t get the boogers to bite!

This is what perch look like on a Humminbird 2d sonar sitting on top of a boulder. The Aqua-vu video confirmed the fish were sitting directly on top of the shallow rocks.


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  1. Tom says:

    Need to get the Aquaview to see those big carp going after jigs

    1. Dave says:

      That’s next one the list, Tom!

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