Winter Carp Jigging

The past few days have been great fishing on the Susquehanna river. We’ve been catching yellow perch in the deep channels as well as largemouth bass and carp in shallower waters when the sun is out. Perch have been hittingĀ  2-4 inch grub tails on drop shot rigs. I have found that Gulp Alive grub tails are out-catghing regular, unscented grubs by a fair margin. Color has seemed to make very little difference. Choose a bait you have confidence in and have at it!

The carp fishing has been outstanding this winter. To be honest, I had no intentions in targeting carp this winter until my friend Matt found a huge school stacked up on the side scan sonar while looking for perch. The first cast with a 3 inch jig produced a big carp hooked in the jaw and the rest is history. We’ve been targeting them every trip out and have found them to be very aggressive and a great deal of fun to catch on light tackle. The biggest one we’ve landed so far has been 35lbs, weighed on my boga grip.

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