Change of Pace and Place

It has been nearly a week and a half since i’ve been out on the bay for stripers and i’m ready to get back in the game tomorrow. However, this afternoon  I was able to get after some fish in the Susqehanna river with my good fishing buddy, Matt. We launched at the Lapidum ramp and fished an area around the flats this afternoon for largemouth bass with good success. We caught bass, white perch, yellow perch, catfish, carp and shad today. We probably could have caught a striper or two had we bothered to stop for a cast on working birds but  we were more concentrated on catching bass. We fished blade baits, crankbaits and jigs  at the mouths of creeks where bass were actively ambushing baitfish.  Enjoy the pics.


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  1. Jim Ehoff says:

    Nice post, hoping to hit the bay on Sunday.

  2. Jim Ehoff says:

    Looks like you guys had a great day. Good job…

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