The Bite Continues

We have been finding good fish up north the past couple of trips. The fish are still holding on rocky bottom in 16ft of water and pushing bait into the shallows in the evening. I have been getting out with Paul most nights and have been bad about taking pictures- sorry.  The fish really haven’t gotten any bigger. Low 30′s is about the biggest fish we are seeing lately but the fish are hitting hard on topwater and  5-7 inch soft plastics on 3/4 oz jigheads. Here is Pauls coworker, Mike with a nice low 30′s fish:

We had a close call this evening with small craft advisory in effect for the next few days. West winds gusting to 30kt but we had to try. We launched out of Rocky Point State Park and headed out of the cut to mild seas. About 3/4 of the way to the fish on the other side Paul makes a smart move to turn around and face to wind to see how bad it was going to be on the way back. Well, the first wave came over the bow and that was all she wrote. It would not have been smart to stay out in the bay so we started our wet, pounding trek back to the river. We made it back and tried a few casts at the old sunken concrete ships near Fort Howard. There were no fish there but I did see birds working near the new Pleasure Island rockpiles. Fortunately, they saved the day. We had fish to 24 inches right near the ramp and they were hungry for 17 tony spoons and topwater plugs. We ended the night with a fish-on-the-meter sunset to our west and a full moon rising to the east. Its hard to beat time on the water in October!

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  1. Jim says:

    Great job Dave.

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