Back to Back Nights – Eastern Shore

The past two nights I was able to get out with another one of my regular fishing buddies,  Shawn Kimbro and new fishing friend, Rich.  Day 1 It was flat calm and the fish were snapping anything we threw at them. We had a mix of low 20′s fish all the way up to 33 inches tonight. They were hard pulling and a great time on light tackle!

Day 2 we were met with west winds gusting to 20kts and a small craft advisory. It didn’t seem too bad since we were in Shawns big Judge 27 center console. It was rainy and overcast, the perfect ingredients for big fish. We zipped around the river finding all kinds of working birds with small rock and blues underneath but passed on them in order to find some bigger fish. Shawn once again found the migratory school not far from where they had been biting a few days prior. We stayed on them for about 45 minutes until they disapeared. We figured we had spooked them off. The rest of the night we rode around hoping to find the fish schooled up again after leaving them alone for a while but we had no such luck. The bite was good while it lasted- no doubt.

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  1. jim says:

    Great pictures. Good job guys

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