October is here!

Anyone who fishes the Chesapeake Bay for striped bass will tell you that October means get ready for the striped bass to start feeding. This evening I fished with Andy out of Rocky Point State Park in hopes for a good afternoon bite. I came prepared with four rods tonight, mostly home made jigs and bucktails.  We headed east and found some very nice sized blues similar to what we were catching at Chesapeake Beach the week prior but not the working birds like we had hoped. We decided to work a rocky bottom near Love Point where fish like to stage this time of year before they come off to chase bait and it paid off.

We moved from 16-23ft of water dragging jigs on bottom and picking up healthy rockfish until the sun went down. They continued to bite after dark as they usually do at this spot. We also caught fish up at “the spot” in 8ft of water dragging jigs over the rock piles. Tonight’s big fish was 33 inches. Cheers fto the start of ROCKtober!


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  1. Tom says:

    Curious of your set ups. Recognize most of the rods but size u like to use

    1. Dave says:


      If I could only bring one rod on the boat to light tackle fish it would be my 6’6” Medium action Carrot Stix matched with a BPS pro qualifier reel- 15lb power pro with a 25lb XPS fluoro leader. I prefer high speed reels for light tackle jigging. Feel free to send me an email dgobes@gmail.com if you have anymore questions.


    2. Dave says:

      In fact, the rod I love is on ebay for a great deal right now because Carrot Stix is coming out with a new line of rods. For $90 delivered you can not beat this rod. Match it with a BPS pro qualifier reel (high speed) with 15lb power pro and you have a fun rod for the Chesapeake Bay. The whole outfit will cost you under $200!


  2. Tom says:

    Grabbed the rod up at that price. Have been a spinning rod and bait guy since the beginning, but working my way to the dark side of LTJ. Keep up the good work on the site. Thanks

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