Full Moon – Chesapeake Beach Breakers

9/23/10 With a full moon this night we had to try for some fish. I had a good report of breakers North of the gas docks earlier this week so Paul and I were going to pull his boat to CB in hopes to find fish. Before heading out, Paul noticed a post on Tidalfish of someone looking for two people with light tackle jigging experience to join him in hopes to learn some new techniques. We were lucky in that we didn’t have to pull Paul’s boat and even better, we made a new fishing friend this day. Ron, launched his very nice 22′ hydra sports and was awaiting our arrival at the ramp around 12:30. We headed South in hopes to run into the fish I had heard about earlier in the week. Along the way we found birds and blues working silversides around buoy 77b.

We played around with big blues most of the afternoon with an occasional rock mixed in but didn’t get dialed in until Paul noticed some familiar looking marks down deep below the bluefish. They were rock on bottom in 60 ft of water. I tied on a 3 ounce sea strike and Paul rigged with a heavy stingsilver to target them down deep. It wasn’t long until we started pulling up rock from the bottom.

  It was good to see life that deep in the Chesapeake Bay. The bite slowed down after a few hours so we crossed the bay in hopes to find some fish that were still hungry. We noticed some blues around Sharps Island lighthouse but nothing to brag about.

 The sun was going down quickly so we decided to head even further North in hopes of finding a shallow topwater bite. Upon arrival it didn’t take long for Paul to pull in a mid 20′s striper. Before long the sun had set and we continued to catch good numbers of fish on topwater. Ron was already very pleased with the numbers of fish we had caught throughout the day and these fish were icing on the cake. It eventually got late and we had a long run across the bay but a full moon gave us enough light to navigate safely back to port. 


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  1. Cpt. Daddy says:

    wow dave!!!! your almost doing as well as your boy cpt el!!!!

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